The Bible recounts the familiar story of Ezekiel and the valley of the dry bones. The Lord asks Ezekiel if the dry bones can live and then answers his own question: "Dry bones . . . you will come to life." I am a bone painter who makes dry animal bones live again. I seek to honor the deceased animal and the Lord who has said that dry bones will come to life. I also paint on drift wood, old furniture and just about anything else I can recycle.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Dry Bones Gallery is my art studio at Carlton Gardens.

Here is the fist thing you see when you enter the main door of Carlton Gardens.

"Deep Sea Creature"
"Les Fanne"
"Heifer Hearts"
"Crazy Bone Quilt"
"Rainforest Flower"

Below is some of my permanent outdoor art

Above are 2 fish I cut from plywood and painted.
This large metal fish that I painted sold for $195.
"My only Vice" (dug from the ground at Carlton Gardens)
Sold: $59.95

Below are some unnamed paintings I've done over the past two years.
Sold for $41.00
Sold for $69.95

Sold for $72.00

Sold: $58.00